cards mgmt

Manage fleet cards in your system

Take control of your fleet management with ease! Seamlessly manage fleet cards within your system, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and peace of mind for your operations.

About this use case

Easy Card Data Integration and Real-Time Management

Card Management APIs enable the seamless integration of card data into your backend or fleet management system, as well as your website or application. You gain access to a range of functionalities for card management, such as blocking or ordering new cards in real-time.

Increase productivity by keeping all necessary information in one place.

Keep all the needed information in your fleet management system thanks to the direct synchronization of our Card Management system and your platform. No need to switch between two systems.

Block and unblock cards

Execute quick and easy, real-time card lock and unlock operations.


Access card details

Immediate access to comprehensive information for single or multiple cards.

Flexible Products

Order new cards

Order cards individually or in bulk. Block a card and order its replacement.


Reset wrong PIN attempts

Forgotten PIN? Reset wrong PIN attempts with one simple request.

Required APIs

Cards management

This API provides operations for managing Circle K Fleet Cards, with functionalities such as blocking or ordering new cards.