Transaction feed

Transaction feed

Stay on top of the situation, integrate with our API, and receive information about transactions in your fleet.

About this use case

Transaction alerts and notifications

Want to have more control over your spending? With our API, preliminary transactions with ordinary prices (without discounts) will be sent to the chosen system as soon as a purchase has been made with a card connected to the account(s) of choice.
Our near-real-time transaction push to customer endpoints contains this data:
  • Customer reference
  • Card Number / Expiry date
  • Site details
  • Transaction references
  • Product information
  • Quantity 
  • Total amount


Thanks to transaction push, you have greater control over your spending, enabling you to monitor and manage your finances more effectively.


Card reference

With the card number at hand, you can always accurately determine who made the purchase, ensuring transparency in your transactions.

Flexible Products

Detailed information

You are always well-informed and stay updated because you have precise knowledge of what was bought and where.

24 hours

Continuous monitoring

24 hours a day, our API is tracking transactions, helping you optimize your operations and stay on top of the situation.

Required APIs

Transaction feed

Circle K’s customers can subscribe to a number of alert types on Card E-Services portal including **transaction feed**. Customers are expected ...